Since 1922, Warren Distribution, Inc., is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of automotive aftermarket products. The products sold by the company fall into three categories: lubricants and chemicals, accessories, and repair parts. We distribute all those categories, including lubricants and chemicals that we manufacture. Warren's customers for the private label lubricants and fluids include major oil companies, farm store chains, mass merchandisers, and convenience store chains. Customers for house brand lubricants and related products and for our distributed merchandise include smaller distributors, jobber stores, independent auto part retailers, grocery and drug chains, candy & tobacco distributors, and some oil distributors.

Warren Distribution is a Nebraska Corporation with its corporate offices in Omaha, Nebraska. Our manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Glen Dale, West Virginia, and Guntersville, Alabama. Warren employs approximately 425 people. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our products and processes.

Our Council Bluffs manufacturing facility, Warren Performance Packaging, includes more than 255,000 square feet on 7 acres along the Missouri River, just north of Interstate 80. At that plant, Warren blends lubricating oils and chemicals for automotive applications and makes plastic bottles. Packaging operations include the manufacture of plastic bottles (from 8 fluid ounces to 2.5 gallon) and the filling of such with lubricants and chemicals, as well as packaging in 5-gallon pails, drums, totes, and bulk transport loading. Much of the product made at the plant is packaged for private label marketers but a significant portion is packaged under Warren's house brands including MAG 1 and Polar.

The company's distribution center is located just east of the manufacturing facility on a 15-acre site and includes more than 165,000 square feet. Much of the product manufactured by Warren flows through the distribution center as do parts and accessories made by other nationally recognized companies.

Our Guntersville manufacturing and distribution facility, known as Warren Southeast or WSE, is dedicated to the production of private label brands. Manufacturing began at this plant in November 2002.

Our newest facility, Warren Northeast, has capabilities very similar to those at Warren Performance Packaging, with bottle production for its own use and for WSE as well as blending and packaging of both private label and house branded lubricants, all housed in a 240,000 square foot facility in Glen Dale, West Virginia on the Ohio river.

Warren Distribution was founded in 1922 as Warren Oil Company by James Schlott, the grandfather of Robert N. Schlott, the current Chairman / CEO. The business began by supplying lubricating oils and related products to the agricultural business in the surrounding area. Such business remains the principle focus of the firm today. Today, three quarters of company revenue is from its own manufactured products (including both private label and house branded).


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